How Can I Get a $5,000 Car Loan With No Credit?

How Can I Get a $5,000 Car Loan With No Credit?

June 26, 2019    Bad Credit Loans

If you need a $5,000 car loan and have no credit, learn how you can get approved to make your next new or used vehicle purchase. 

How to Get a $5,000 Car Loan With No Credit

When buying a car, it’s important to set your budget early on. Planning for a $5,000 car loan may be reasonable for what you can afford to spend, especially if you’re buying a first car. Here’s how to qualify for a car loan with no credit

1. Check the minimum requirements to qualify

Before applying for a car loan, consider what the lender is looking for in terms of credit scores, income and employment history. This can help you narrow your search to lenders that approve borrowers with minimal or no credit. 

2. Review your credit history and score

Pull a copy of your credit reports and check your credit scores to get an idea of where you’re starting from. If you have absolutely no credit history at all, move on to step 3.

3. Open a bank account if you don’t have one yet

When you have no credit history and need a $5,000 car loan, lenders may look at your banking history to get a sense of how responsibly you manage your money. If you don’t have a chequing and/or savings account, consider opening one of each to establish a banking relationship. 

4. Get in the habit of paying bills on time

Payment history is the most important factor in credit score calculations. Consider putting your bills on autopilot or setting up due date alerts so you can avoid paying late, which can be damaging to your growing credit score. 

5. Review your income and employment history

Along with banking history, lenders can also use your income and work history to qualify you for a car loan, $5,000 or otherwise. Collect your pay stubs for the last three months and calculate your average monthly income, then compare that to your estimated monthly car payment. 

6. Establish credit history with a secured credit card

Secured credit cards can be a stepping stone when building credit. These cards require a small cash deposit, which doubles as your credit limit. By opening a secured credit card account and making timely payments, you can get your credit history off to a good start. 

7. Build credit as an authorized user

Being an authorized user means relying on someone else’s credit history to boost your own. You’re added to another person’s credit card and the account history shows up on your credit report, even if you don’t actually use the card. As long as the primary cardholder maintains good credit habits, your score can benefit which could make it easier to get a car loan. 

8. Estimate what you’ll put down

Offering a larger down payment could increase your approval odds when seeking a $5,000 car loan with no credit history. The less you have to borrow, the less risk the lender takes on. If you were considering putting 5% down, for instance, check your car-buying budget to see if you could bump that to 10% or 15% instead. 

9. Weigh the pros and cons of having a cosigner

A cosigner with a strong credit score could make getting a car loan with no credit easier. The catch is that the cosigner is equally responsible for the debt. It may not be wise to ask someone to cosign unless you’re 100% sure you’ll be able to repay the loan. 

10. Approach no credit check loans with caution

No credit check lenders can offer car loans or other loans without requiring you to have a minimum credit score. The trade-off is that you may pay a much higher interest rate for a loan, which is something to weigh in the balance. 

11. Check into the dealer’s financing

Many dealerships offer in-house financing, which may cater to people with poor or no credit history. Shop around with a few different dealers to see what financing options are available and whether any are designed with no credit borrowers in mind. 

12. Talk to your insurance company

Before you can finalize the purchase of a new or used vehicle, you’ll need to have proof of insurance. As part of the car-buying process, talk to your auto insurer about how a lack of credit may affect your insurance rates. If you’ve identified the car you’d like to be, be prepared to show the dealer proof of insurance when applying for a loan. 

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