How It Works

At Birchwood Credit, we'll get you pre-approved for a vehicle, no matter your credit score

  • We consider your entire financial situation, not just your credit.
  • We'll determine a realistic payment plan, together.
  • You can choose a vehicle from any Birchwood dealership.

Car Loans in Winnipeg – For All Credit Types

Newcomers to Canada

If you’re new to Canada and have little or no credit history, we can still help you find an affordable vehicle. We look at your entire financial history, not just your credit score.

Customers With Less Than Perfect Credit

Regardless of what has happened in your past, you deserve some credit. We work with you to assess your current financial situation and find a reliable vehicle that fits your budget.

First-Time Car Buyers

Buying a car can be a complicated process but we make it easy. We’ll find you a vehicle that fits your needs and budget, explaining the process so you can drive away with confidence.

Why We’re Different

Our service is free, fully secure and there’s no obligation. Here’s what we offer:

  • Auto loans for used cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick approvals
  • Affordable payment terms
  • Loans for bad credit or no credit
  • Ample vehicle selection (18+ dealerships)
  • Service from a trusted Manitoba brand

We Help All Credit Types

We have the expertise and resources to help with all credit situations:

  • Slow, late or missed payment history
  • Car loans after bankruptcy
  • Consumer proposal
  • Repossession
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Divorce
  • Low income
  • Orderly payment of debt
  • Poor credit due to unexpected events

What to Expect

We’ve designed our process to be as fair and hassle-free as possible. We’ll help you find an auto loan that works for your budget before you start looking for a vehicle, so you know exactly what you’re working with. As the largest auto dealer in Manitoba, we’ll give you the best rates and payment terms based on your financial situation.

Car Loan Approval in 24 Hours
To get pre-approved for an auto loan, you have to fill out our secure online form. This gives us a chance to get to know you as a customer so we can gather information to help us find the best vehicle for you. We’ll ask for your vehicle preferences as well as some basic information including your name, address, date of birth and income. At this point, we aren’t doing a hard check on your credit score so it won’t be impacted – we simply want to gather basic information before continuing the process.

In-House Financing
We provide our own in-house financing, which means we lend our own money. This allows us to approve all credit types, giving our customers better rates, repayment terms and vehicle selection. Once you fill out an online pre-approval application, one of our credit experts will contact you to discuss next steps. Even if you fill out the application, there’s no obligation to purchase a vehicle with us.

Get Driving 
Once you get pre-approved, you’ll know how much money you can reasonably spend on a vehicle, which will help narrow down your search. Our credit experts will help you look through the Birchwood inventory, finding vehicles that meet your needs and budget. We’ll be there throughout the entire process, answering your questions so you feel 100% confident and happy when you make your vehicle purchase and drive off the lot.

Why choose Birchwood Credit?

We make auto financing easy with advice from our credit experts.

Learn how we make your experience great.

We discuss your situation

Unlike banks and other lenders, we discuss your credit situation with you and ensure you understand it. We’ll also give you tips on how to rebuild your credit and achieve financial freedom.

We specialize in gaining approvals

Since we offer in-house financing, we lend our own money and can give faster approvals and better rates. We look at you as a person with a unique financial situation, not just the number on your credit score.

Our reviews speak for themselves

We have 1465 first-party reviews and counting and there are so many customer success stories we’re proud of. We work to change our customers’ lives for the better and love hearing their stories.


What is a car loan?

An auto loan is the agreement between you (the customer) and a lender (Birchwood Credit) which allows you to borrow a certain amount of money in order to purchase a vehicle. You must pay back the borrowed sum, plus interest, in a certain time frame that you agree upon with the lender.

How will Birchwood Credit assess if I qualify for a car loan?

When you apply for an auto loan with us, we’ll evalute both your financial and credit situation to determine a budget, rate and payment plan you can actually afford. This isn’t a siloed process – we’ll communicate with you along the way and explain the process so you understand what you have to work with once you start shopping for a vehicle.

Will submitting an auto loan application affect my credit score?

When you submit an online application for an auto loan pre-approval, it will not affect your credit score. Your credit score will only be impacted once we do a hard inquiry for the formal application once you decide to continue the loan process. We’ll let you know before we do any hard inquiries for your account.

How does interest rate work on my car loan?

Your interest rate is based on a few factors: your credit score and your loan payment term. Generally speaking, the weaker (lower) your credit score, the higher your interest rate. At Birchwood Credit, we’ll get you the best rate possible based on your credit score and budget.

I’m carrying debt from my previous car loan, can I get a new loan?

We work with clients that still owe money on their current vehicle and it’s still possible to get a loan. The two main things we look at are the value of your vehicle trade-in and the balance you still owe on your vehicle. Once we evaluate those values, we’re able to determine how much your vehicle is worth. We have a specialized department that consistently pays top dollar for trade-ins so we’ll do our best to maximize your vehicle shopping with us.

Do I need a co-signer to qualify for a car loan?

At Birchwood Credit, we do not require our customers to have a co-signer in order to purchase a vehicle. It ultimately depends on your current credit score and financial situation.

How to buy a car as an international student?

If you’re an international student, you can get approved for a vehicle loan but it really depends on your financial situation. It’s ideal if you have a source of income like a part-time job or a substantial down payment you can put towards your vehicle.

How to buy a car with a work permit?

If you want to buy a car with a work permit, it’s best if you have a down payment to put towards your vehicle. We’ll also talk to you about the terms of your work permit and how that will factor into your loan. Since these approvals are very situational, we recommend visiting our team so we can chat about your unique situation and how we can help.

How to buy a car as a newcomer to Canada?

We look at your entire financial situation when making an approval, meaning we consider factors like your income and payment history rather then focusing solely on your credit score. That means if you have little to no credit history, whether you’ve lived in Canada your whole life or just moved here, we’ll be able to help you find a vehicle.

Can you get car financing with really bad credit?

In short, yes – you absolutely can. While a higher credit score can get you a better rate, we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to drive a safe, reliable vehicle. Our credit experts are equipped to help with all types of credit situations so you can get a quality vehicle you can actually afford.

What is the minimum credit score necessary to buy or lease a car?

Credit bureaus rate your credit score on a scale from 300 (poor credit) to 900 (excellent credit). Lenders typically look for a credit score of around 620 or higher (good credit) when deciding to approve a potential customer. At Birchwood Credit, we look beyond the three-digit number and consider your entire financial situation when making an approval.

How can I improve my credit score?

There are many ways to improve your credit score, some of them being: pay your bills on time (every time), increase your credit limit but keep your balance low and avoid numerous hard inquiries when applying for loans (it’s best to choose one trusted dealership that truly cares about their clients, like us!). Check out our blog for 10 tips on how to improve your credit.

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