In-House Financing

At Birchwood Credit Solutions, we provide our own in-house auto financing. We have created this page for those who are not sure what in-house financing means, or have some questions about how in-house financing works.

A lot of customers come to us looking for in-house financing because they are not sure about obtaining traditional financing through their bank or financial institution. We are the only in house vehicle financing operation in Manitoba, that truly lends our own money. Lending our own money means more approvals, better repayment terms, and better rates.

Read below for more information and insights into in-house financing and how it works.

What is in-house financing?

In-house financing is a type of financing where a seller provides vehicle loans to their customers directly. Financing your vehicle purchase with the dealer you buy your car from (or “in-house”) eliminates the need for you to obtain financing through traditional financial channel like a bank or the car maker itself.

Non-in-house financing

Non-in-house financing refers to financing that is sourced through traditional financial channels. Financing for the vehicle comes from a bank or car maker financing program. The following companies provide financing for prime credit customers:

When you buy your vehicle, the money for the vehicle is loaned to you from the bank of financial institution and given to the dealership and you make your repayments for the loan to them.

How does in house car financing work when buying a vehicle?

We use your personal information only for the purposes identified above and access to your personal information is limited to those employees of Birchwood who need to have access to it.

How do we use your Personal Information?

When we use the term 'In-House Financing' we are referring to the fact that we—Birchwood Credit Solutions—are the ones providing you with the loan to purchase your vehicle. In-house financing allows us to accept customers that may not be approved for an auto loan through traditional financial channels.  Banks or other financial institutions or may turn down applications based solely on your credit score, whereas we work with customers to look at their entire financial situation when making a decision.

What are the benefits of in-house financing?

When you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, it’s important to understand the benefits and advantages of taking in-house financing.

  1. Shop For Your Vehicle with Confidence
    In-house financing is convenient. When purchasing a vehicle with Birchwood Credit Solutions, we’ll take care of the financial information first. For our customers, this means you will know your loan will be approved and you will know exactly what you are approved for when you are shopping for your new vehicle. Our approval process is quick and hassle free, and we can tell our customers exactly what they are approved for on the same day that they apply.

  2. Approval with Bad Credit / No Credit
    Because we finance the vehicles we sell with our own money, we can be flexible when approving vehicle loans. Birchwood Credit Solutions was created to work with individuals who may not have perfect credit, for whatever reason. We look deeper into your financial situation and make our decision based off of factors outside of just your credit score.

  3. Better Interest Rates and Payment Terms
    In-house financing allows us to be more flexible with our interest rates and payment terms. Once we have an idea of what your monthly budget is and what an ideal payment would be for you, we can get to work on getting your loan approved. Because the money we are lending is our own, we offer flexible loan terms that will keep your monthly payment low and manageable. Pick the vehicle you want, let us know your budget, and we'll get you driving. It's that easy.

  4. You Deal Directly with Birchwood Credit Solutions
    By financing in house, your business is between you and the dealership, and if you buy a vehicle from Birchwood Credit Solutions, we provide you with your loan. Our customers are more than just a number, and we focus on understanding your situation and building a relationship with you. You’re not buying your new vehicle and then not ever talking to us again. Instead, our relationship will continue, and we will help you build your credit and payment history.

Frequently asked in-house financing questions

In order to provide a better understanding of the process, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive about in-house financing:

  1. Do you check my credit?
    Yes, we check your credit—but we look beyond your credit score. We discuss your financial situation with you, which helps us with the approval process. We need to understand what your monthly budget is and what type of payment you are looking for. Most financial institutions and dealerships will only look at your credit score, which doesn’t take into account your entire financial situation. We are loaning you the money directly, so we have flexibility in the deals we make with our customers. 

  2. What do I need to bring?
    The first step when buying a vehicle with Birchwood Credit Solutions is applying through our website and then meeting with one of our team members to discuss your vehicle needs, your budget, and your situation. From here, you will be able to shop through our extensive inventory (throughout the entire Birchwood dealership network) to find the vehicle best suited to your needs. Read our guide on the requirements for a car loan for more information.

  3. How do I qualify?
    Because we finance in-house we can qualify you for your loan by looking at the complete financial picture, not just your credit score. Everyone’s financial situation is different, and because we offer in-house financing, we can be more flexible when working with you to find a great vehicle and a payment you can manage.

  4. Do I have to reside in Winnipeg, MB?
    No, you are not required to live in Winnipeg, MB to be approved for a car loan through Birchwood Credit Solutions. Although we are headquartered in Winnipeg, MB, and have three locations across the city, we do serve the entire Province of Manitoba. If you live outside of the city, and require information on applying for vehicle financing, we encourage you to fill out the easy online application or call us on 204-813-9178.

In-house Financing Services in Winnipeg

Birchwood Credit Solutions offers in-house financing services in Winnipeg, MB. We find ways to work with our customers regardless of their score and look deeper into their entire financial situation when helping them purchase a new vehicle.

We are one of the few companies within Winnipeg, MB that offer true in-house financing, not relying on outside brokers or lenders. Birchwood Credit Solutions is a part of the Birchwood family, representing 14 different brands and two collision repair centers.

In Manitoba, your options for true in-house financing vehicle loans are limited.  If you decide to finance your new vehicle through Birchwood Credit Solutions, you are dealing with a name that you can trust. If you have any questions about the in-house financing program at Birchwood Credit Solutions or how we work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Winnipeg locations

We are the largest auto dealer in the province of Manitoba, and are one of the only Winnipeg-based organizations to offer true in-house vehicle financing. We have opened three locations throughout the city, where customers are welcome to come in and speak to us. You can also fill out our vehicle loan application or phone us directly at 204-813-9178.

Our three locations are easy to get to from all areas of the city and surrounding areas. Check the list below to find the location and contact details to reach us in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Salter Street

1065 Salter Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 2E7
Local/Toll-Free: 204-813-9733
Fax: 204-831-4999

Monday & Tuesday
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday – Saturday
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Nairn Avenue

769 Nairn Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L 0X7
Local/Toll-Free: 204-813-9733
Fax: 204-663-2400

Monday & Tuesday
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday – Saturday
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Portage Avenue

2554 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0N8
Local/Toll-Free: 204-813-9733

Monday & Tuesday
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday – Saturday
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Do you still have questions about in-house financing or how it works?

If you have any questions about in-house financing that are still unanswered and you still need more information, please contact us through the live chat function on the bottom of the page, give us a call, or fill out the form on our contact page. Our team members are waiting to help make this the easiest car buying experience you’ve had.

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