Car Research Tools: Best Car Apps and Websites in Canada

Car Research Tools: Best Car Apps and Websites in Canada

October 10, 2018    Auto News

Looking to buy a new (or new-to-you) car? Filter out the noise and start your car search on the right foot by visiting some of these helpful and easy-to-use Canadian car buying sites and apps. 

Car buyers also have a lot of resources to help them in their search for a new set of wheels. If you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, apps and websites can provide access to private seller and dealership listings, as well as tools for researching the right vehicle and figuring how much your car loan will cost.  

Top 7 Best Car Buying Apps in Canada

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days and developers are busy creating apps for our every want and need. Why not use technology in our favor when it’s time to do research? We selected common car research apps and the most popular car websites in Canada. 

Here’s our list of the best car apps In Canada on the market for Apple and Android users: 

  • Carfax
  • Mint
  • Carbuzz
  • Consumer Reports Car Guide
  • Kijiji
  • AutoTRADER.ca
  • Carpages

iOS | Android

Used car shopping is a practice in buyer-beware warnings. While you want to give every seller the benefit of the doubt, it’s very important to have the right research tools. 

CARFAX is a trusted vehicle background checking service that now offers a mobile app. You can request a Vehicle History Report through the app by entering the driver’s license plate number or the car’s 17-digit vehicle identification number (or VIN) into the database.

The service isn’t free, however, trusted dealerships will provide you with a Carfax copy free of charge. 

iOS | Android

While not specifically related to car-buying, Mint is a great tool to help you save for that big purchase. The mobile-friendly budgeting app connects directly to your bank account so you can automatically track your spending without having to deal with a cumbersome spreadsheet.

You can also set targets for big purchases, like a new car, so you can stay on top of your goals. The app allows you to customize your budget and gives you alerts when you’ve overspent. It uses data encryption technology that is on par with online services offered by major banks so your information is kept safe.

iOS | Android

CarBuzz is designed primarily for car enthusiasts with daily updates about industry news and new models. That said, if you’re looking for a brand new car it’s a good place to go for information on new releases.

The free app also has a car review section that can be narrowed down by make. It offers detailed overviews of new and old models complete with plenty of photos and information about interior and exterior craftsmanship, handling performance, fuel consumption and more.

The app’s buyer’s guide also allows you to research different car types by price range and includes all of the trim types available and has links to CarBuzz articles published on the vehicle.

Consumer Reports Car Guide
iOS | Android

How much are you actually going to spend on your new car? Yes, the sticker price is an important part of the calculation, but most people don’t have the cash to buy a car outright. If you’re going to be leasing or applying for a car loan you should have the Consumer Reports Car Guide app on the ready.

It has a free lease and loan calculator that helps you add up all the cost-related aspects of buying a new car so you won’t be surprised by your monthly payments. You can either plug in the price of an actual car or search their database to find the average selling price of a car you’re interested in. 

iOS | Android

You can buy and sell just about anything on Kijiji and its popularity makes it a good place to look for used cars as a research tool. It’s essentially an online classifieds section, so the quality of the ads and information about the posted vehicles will vary widely.

The app does give sellers the option of adding specs to their listing, which covers all the basics car details from make, model and colour to drive, terrain and transmission. 

iOS | Android

AutoTRADER’s website is one of the most comprehensive online car search tools for Canadian car buyers. You can search the ample vehicle database for free without signing up for an account. Searches are based on your location and can be as detailed or as broad as you’d like. Results include AutoTRADER’s pricing index info so you know if used vehicles are priced accurately by the seller. You can also fill up your “virtual garage” by saving vehicles that catch your eye while you’re scrolling.

iOS | Android

Carpages.ca is a mobile app designed for those looking for a used car in Canada. It has a sparse interface, but offers everything you need while searching for a vehicle. It’s free to use and you can jump right into a search from the load screen.

Pick the year, kind of car you’re looking for, make and model and away you go. The Car Pages app allows you to bookmark vehicles and the history tab allows you to look at your past searches.


Best Car Buying Websites in Canada 

Don’t want to look into apps? Preferer to do your car research on the comfort of your tablet or computer? We’ve also selected the best websites  

Car Pages

Get extensive listings for both new and used vehicles with the click of a button. Car Pages has an exclusive agreement with the Used Car Dealers Association, providing exceptionally accurate information and fair pricing from listed dealers. All private sellers listed on the site are identity-verified.

Auto Trader 

The gold standard for buying and selling used cars, this site boasts extensive Canada-wide listings for both dealer and private vehicle sales. Using their “Compare” function compiles an at-a-glance spreadsheet of up to four different vehicles, so your final decision will be even easier!

Canadian Black Book 

This site offers one-stop shopping for both new and used cars across Canada. Simply choose the make, model, and price that fit your criteria to be presented with a selection of options close to you, or search by location for most major Canadian cities. CBB also provides the useful “Average Asking Price” function, allowing you to compare your findings against average market prices for any car you’re considering.

Used Cars Canada

Easily adjust search settings to find the exact vehicle you’re after in the price range you want. Or, search by the dealer to see who has the best deals in your area. Save cars to your compare list to easily weigh your options, and contact the dealer directly through the website.

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