The Bees Are Back!

The Bees Are Back!

July 6, 2023    Auto News

Let’s get ready to bumble – say hello to our new buzzing colleagues!

In collaboration with our beekeeping partner, Alvéole, we’re excited to be taking thousands of honey bees under our wing for another season at our Portage Avenue ocation! At the height of the season, the rooftop hive will contain up to 50,000 bees.

Our new friends will pollinate the surrounding urban plants and flowers throughout the summer. We’re so proud to take part in an initiative that gives us a unique opportunity to explore the ties that bind us to bees and learn more about Winnipeg’s fauna and flora.


Unfortunately, populations of bees, butterflies and other pollinators are declining around the world. These pollinators are responsible for the pollination of more than 130 varieties of fruit and vegetables – that’s a third of the food we eat! This decline in pollinators coincides with a growth in demand for agriculture, resulting in rising food costs.

This initiative allows us to be part of a movement that helps protect bees and other pollinators, while promoting a more eco-conscious city.


Installing an urban beehive requires minimal resources, but brings a flood of direct and indirect benefits – both socially and ecologically. Here are just a few of them:

  • Creates a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem
  • Pollinates local fauna and flora
  • Helps to increase the declining bee population
  • Brings city dwellers together with a shared purpose
  • Allows the repurposing of normally unused spaces


Our beehive project is in collaboration with Alvéole, a social beekeeping company. Since 2013, they have partnered with hundreds of companies and schools across North America and Europe to start beekeeping projects.

One hive at a time, Alvéole is helping organizations like Birchwood Credit become more sustainable while fostering greener urban communities. By adopting honey bees, we are helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the subtle (and important) wonders of nature.

We care about our community

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