The 6 Best Family Vehicles in Canada in 2019

The 6 Best Family Vehicles in Canada in 2019

May 5, 2019    Auto News

A vehicle plays a huge role in a family’s life. From soccer practices to road trips — it’s an extended member of the family and needs to fit both kids’ and parents’ needs. Plus, it has to be safe, reliable and have a bit of a cool factor too. With so many options to choose from, it can be harder than you may think to find that ideal fit. Luckily, we’ve researched for you, check our list of the best family vehicles below.

Every year, Kelly Blue Book reviews the best vehicles based on five key elements. Safety, value, comfort, features and versatility are vital to making a “Good Family Vehicle.”
Using the Kelly Blue Book list and several other resources, we’ve researched what real families have to say. Our list of the best family vehicles of 2019 gathers the best of this info and will hopefully help you find the perfect addition to your family.

Best Family Vehicles in Canada

  1. Honda Odyssey
  2. Honda Pilot
  3. Ford Expedition
  4. Toyota Sienna
  5. Chrysler Pacifica
  6. Chevrolet Traverse


Honda Odyssey

Year after year, Kelly Blue Book has named the Honda Odyssey one of the best family vehicles of the year, and it’s obvious why. This fully-loaded minivan comes with all the bells and whistles. Magic Slide seats that move front, back and side-to-side and a roomy three-person third row are just a few of them. Parents Magazine loves the Odyssey’s special CabinTalk system, which is a speaker that allows you to project your voice—that means no more yelling to break up fights in the back row. Overall, the many features on this minivan make it one cool ride.

Honda Pilot

Based on its almost perfect 5/5 consumer rating on Cars.com (it scored 4.7 overall), drivers love the Pilot for a variety of reasons. The consensus is that it’s the midsize SUV’s practicality that makes it a top contender for the best family vehicle. What we love: it can haul eight passengers comfortably, has extra cargo space for unexpected trips to the grocery store and has cool features like USB ports and touch screens.

Ford Expedition

Last year, this full-size SUV underwent a full redesign, and Kelly Blue Book called its 2018 model a “definite add to the shopping list.” For 2019, it still claims a top spot as its features speak for themselves. The sleek styling disguises it, going from family vehicle to stylish SUV. The Expedition’s massive interior space, extensive leg room and spacious seats make it an ideal fit for large families. Some might say it has too much space, but with hockey equipment, backpacks and carpooling, we’re sure you’ll find a way to fill it.

Toyota Sienna

Three things make the Sienna a great family vehicle: features, reputation and resale value. It’s the Sienna’s available all-wheel drive option that customers love most. With a 4.4/5 consumer rating on Kelly Blue Book, this van has a long-lasting reputation for reliability. Plus, this front-runner also made our list of 6 Cars with the Best Resale Value, give it a read!

Chrysler Pacifica 

The Pacifica is in a category of its own, but for reasons other than just its fuel-efficiency. Whether it’s basic transportation or luxury your family is interested in, this minivan has it all. It comfortably fits seven passengers and prioritizes safety above all else. With high-tech safety features like a 360-degree camera, blind spot warning and active cruise control, the Pacifica is the extra eyes you need when you’re carrying precious cargo.

Chevrolet Traverse

What tops our list with the Traverse is how spacious it is, while remaining compact and not being large and clunky. Its the perfect family vehicle if you have teenagers, making Kelly Blue Book’s list for being a”well-equipped family hauler.” Think family station wagon, only 2019 style. This handy crossover SUV also comes with Teen Driver, a unique safety feature that sends parents updates on their teen’s driving habits.

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