New Year, Same Great Vehicle

New Year, Same Great Vehicle

January 18, 2023    Auto News


You can get another year out of your ride with a healthy dose of tender loving care! Save your money in the long run with these maintenance tips.


Protect your paint and prevent rust by waxing your car every 6 months. Wax creates a protective seal, which reduces how much dirt and salt can build up along the body. Not only will you extend your paint job’s lifespan, but your car will look nice and shiny!


Check your oil and coolant levels on a monthly basis. Keeping these at their ideal levels and ensuring your oil isn’t too old will prolong your engine life. If you notice your car leaking, be sure to check these more often alongside your washer fluid. Unsure what old engine oil looks like? If the motor oil is dark and muddy, then it’s time for a change!


When it comes to tires, you’ll want to check:

  • Tread: How deep are your tires? Place a toonie in the groove. If the tires are so worn that it doesn’t touch the golden center, it’s time for a swap. Also, look for cracks in the tread! If you’ve had the tires for around 3 years, they may be too old.
  • Pressure: Do your tires have even pressure? Most tires should measure to around 32–40 psi. For a big truck, 40 psi is too low. Meanwhile, small cars tend to fall under 35 psi. Ultimately, it depends on your vehicle type and the tires you’re using — your owner’s manual will have the answer!
  • Type: Still using winter tires? Remember to swap them all out as it begins to warm up, or else they’ll wear out quickly during warmer seasons. Are you replacing them with all-season, all-weather, or summer tires? All-season tires are made for all conditions (warm, dry, wet) while all-weather tires are meant for a variety of temperatures. Summer tires, as you may have guessed, are only suitable in warm summer weather.


Once a month, check how bright your lights (brake, turn signals, headlights, brights, parking) are. If they’re all dim, it could indicate a battery issue. On the other hand, individual light issues could result from bulb issues or a problem with the electrical connection. These are important to check because it’s easy not to notice when they go astray!


Protect your engine life by changing your air filter when needed. If it’s flowing effectively, less debris will enter the engine and you’ll improve fuel efficiency. That’s right! You’ll save money in engine lifespan and gas. Best of all, these swaps can be pretty easily made at home. Pick one up for ~$20 and grab your screwdriver!


Spark plugs are vital to fuel efficiency. Check your owner’s manual to see how often yours need to be swapped and watch for signs as well. Have trouble starting your engine or accelerating? Hearing strange popping sounds from the engine? Remove your spark plugs and check for black crud forming along them. Once they’ve gone foul, they either need to be cleaned or swapped!


Surviving Canadian winter means putting your wipers to the test! If your wipers are leaving streaks and you constantly have them on full blast, you might be ready for replacements. Grab a new pair for ~$40 from an auto shop. Front wipers come in a variety of sizes and in some cases only replace the rubber, not the full arm. Most front wipers are fairly easy to do on your own, but back wipers can be a different story. You may need a screwdriver or a very specific wiper for the back windshield, depending on the model.


Build out the rest of your maintenance checklist using your owner’s manual. Not only will it provide details on how often to perform maintenance checks, but you can find information specific to your model. Although it’s good to understand general car maintenance, it’s super important to know what makes your model special.


It’s great to know how to perform maintenance on your own but there’s a huge value to having trusted professionals take a look. Our team has the tools and expertise to diagnose or foresee any problems and explain them with easy-to-understand language. Best of all, we’re here to help, not just make a profit. We keep our prices affordable because owning a car isn’t a luxury. For many, it’s a necessity.

We can help with routine maintenance, repairs, oil changes, tire changes and more. Come visit a dealership near you!


Ready for a new ride this year? We can help you find one that meets your needs and your budget. Whether you need an affordable Bad Credit Car Loan or would like some help understanding your options, we’re here to help. Reach out with any questions you have!

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