Most Popular Car Colours Infographic

Most Popular Car Colours Infographic

September 22, 2017    Auto News

How much does car colour really matter? A lot, if automotive sales trends are to be believed.

Most Popular Car Colours

A 2016 survey by DuPont/Axalta revealed these global statistics for the most popular car colours:

  1. 37% – White (28% solid white, 9% pearl white)
  2. 18% – Black (3% solid black, 15% “effect” black)
  3. 11% – Gray
  4. 11% – Silver
  5. 22% – Other

White, black, gray, and silver are thought to be “safe bet” colours. These conservative shades are less likely to go out of style – or to be the cause of buyer’s remorse – than brighter and more adventurous choices.

Did You Know?

In an economic downturn, sales of more basic colours tend to spike. The theory is that car buyers choose these popular colours in a bid to have better resale options in the future.

Trending Tints

Silver was once the #1 colour choice worldwide, but was overtaken by white in 2011 and has declined in popularity ever since.

The preference for white – and its perception as a shade associated with luxury – was in part due to the growth of the Apple brand in recent years.

Red and blue are currently neck-and-neck for dominance as the most popular bright colour. In 2016, they both came in at 6% global popularity.

Gray is on the rise, and varying colours and finishes are contributing to the increasing demand for this shade. Darker grays such as gunmetal in metallic finishes, as well as lighter solid grays,  are being seen more often on dealership lots.

Future Shades

Pittsburgh-based paint company PPG predicts that blue will reign in 2017 and onward.

Blue can be customized in many ways – from tints such as blue-green, to metallic finishes, to dark navy shades – making an increasingly popular choice for new cars.

Currently most popular in Asia, earth tones such as bronze, brown, and beige are also expected to make a splash on the worldwide automotive scene. This colour family still holds a smaller market share, but has grown in demand by almost 240% in the past year.

Most Popular Car Colours Infographic by Birchwood Credit Solutions

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