Manitoba Tourism: Famous Places You Must Visit in Manitoba

Manitoba Tourism: Famous Places You Must Visit in Manitoba

April 21, 2021    Driving

Whether you’re planning a cross-Canada road trip or you just want to see another one of Canada’s beautiful provinces, Manitoba has some amazing places you will surely want to visit. Manitoba Tourism is easily one of the most overlooked, but you might be surprised by how much fun you could have in this province.

Despite not being a major city like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, Winnipeg has some beautiful sights and some exciting activities to do, whether you’re a Manitoba resident or just visiting. Read along and we’ll tell you about some exciting things to do and see in Manitoba like the best restaurants, day trips to take, sights to see and more! 


Day trips from Winnipeg

The urban core of the province is Winnipeg. Whether you’re a foodie, an art lover, or a sports junkie, this city offers a little bit of everything so everyone will have something to enjoy. 



Winnipeg’s food options are plentiful. If what you’re looking for is a fine dining experience or a casual food truck, we have it all. Some of the top-rated restaurants in the city according to Yelp are The Mitchell Block Restaurant, Deer + Almond, Clementine, The Merchant Kitchen and CIBO Waterfront Cafe. If these amazing options don’t interest you, that’s totally fine – the options are endless.


Arts in the city

Whether your interest lies in the visual arts or you love the dramatic arts, there is something for everyone in Winnipeg. There are 28 museums in the city to choose from. Each one is unique and mostly focuses on an important aspect of Winnipeg’s history. 

There are also 31 art galleries in Winnipeg to visit. These beautiful galleries are a great place to spend a day and really get the opportunity to soak in the culture. We think some of these galleries may surprise you, as they don’t all follow the traditional take on the modern gallery. They are sure to be a hit if you choose to visit them during your time in Manitoba!

If you are interested in performing arts, Manitoba has quite a few performing arts venues where they feature ballet, dance, music and acting. Explore some of these venues and find a show for when your trip is planned. 



We all have that sports fanatic in our lives, or maybe you are the sports fanatic! Luckily, Winnipeg is home to the Winnipeg Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Spend an evening taking in the excitement of an NFL hockey game or a CFL football match – even non-sport lovers will have a great time.


Outdoor Trips

If food, art and sports still aren’t appealing to you, there are still tons of ways you can spend the day in Winnipeg. During the spring and summer months, you can spend time outdoors as Winnipeg offers a variety of beaches, trails and parks you can take your time exploring and relaxing at. If you are up for an adventure, take advantage of the campsites and paddling routes that Winnipeg is home to. You are sure to feel one with nature and capture some beautiful scenery.



Feel like you are being transported to a different country when you visit Churchill. Churchill is home to the polar bears and is also known as the Polar Bear Capital of the world. Many people go to see the polar bears every year and Churchill is said to be the most accessible place for people to see these magical creatures. 

If you are interested in visiting, it is important to know that you must book a tour to see them. It is not possible, nor is it safe to go and see them by foot or by your own vehicle. You’re able to visit during the summer and fall, but there are pros to each season. If you go to see them in the summer, you will also have the opportunity to see beluga whales. However, fall is considered the prime time to visit as they are more active and getting ready to go to the ice for the duration of winter. 


polar bears in Northern Manitoba


Places to visit in Manitoba


Eastern Region

Manitoba is known for its natural beauty and the Eastern Region is no exception. This region is stunning and a great place to spend time outdoors. Within this region, you’ll find Whiteshell Provincial Park, a great place to visit if you are looking for hiking trails or waterfalls to explore. [link to our hiking blog]

Regardless of the time of year you visit Manitoba, the Eastern Region will always have something to offer. Summer months are beautiful and warm so you can comfortably enjoy hiking the forests, visiting the beaches or swimming in the lakes. You can also take advantage of the warm weather and visit the historical sites located in this region such as the sacred Bannock Point Petroforms, an important Indigenous site, or learn about the heritage of early Manitoban settlers at the museums. The winter months can be just as magical as long as you are sure to bundle up and are prepared to take on the snow. If you are someone who likes winter sports, then you’ll be sure to find something to fill your winters whether it’s skiing or snowmobiling. 


Western Region

Quite possibly one of the most historically rich regions of Manitoba is the Western Region. This is because the first inhabitants of Manitoba arrived here nearly 10,000 years ago. The land is made up of a combination of prairie and sand dunes. Unlike the Eastern Region which features lots of forest land, most of the Western Region land is flat with gentle, rolling hills. There are some steeper hills which you may climb, presenting a spectacular view from the top.

The Western Region is also home to Manitoba’s second-largest city, Brandon. People say that Brandon is the type of city that makes you feel like you’ve known it forever. You’ll feel right at home if you choose to visit Brandon. There’s a lot to do in this city such as visit bakeries and cafes, hit up the local businesses, attend a sporting event and much more


Central Region

Manitoba is very proud of its history and you might notice that each area you visit will feature some type of history. The Central Region, land which is valued by both farmers and paleontologists, is no different. This region has been known to find thousands of prehistoric fossils that are over 80 million years old. 

Aside from these spectacular treasures, this region also has quaint towns and cities which you may explore. 


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