Manitoba Lakes – Our Picks for the Best Lakes to Visit this Summer

Manitoba Lakes – Our Picks for the Best Lakes to Visit this Summer

September 2, 2021    Driving

A day on the water, cold drinks, delicious food and sunscreen in hand – can you think of a better way to spend a summer day? For us, there’s nothing we love more than just that. And lucky for Manitobans, the province has an abundance of lakes to offer. 

If you’re trying to plan the perfect lake day, Manitoba Lake options are never-ending – in fact, the province has over 100,000 beautiful lakes for you to pick from. Whether you want to canoe, kayak, swim, fish or just spend time by the water, we’ve got you covered with the best options. 

How many lakes does Manitoba have?

Manitoba has over 100,000 lakes which makes the summer months in the province a never-ending adventure. Whether you want to explore some of the best lakes until you find your favourite or try a new lake every week, you will never run out of options to choose from. 

Best Lakes in Manitoba

Though this may be subjective to individual preferences, we’ve gathered what we believe to be the top three lakes in Manitoba. Of course there are tons more amazing Manitoba lakes that you can also visit and truly cannot go wrong with – some we will even be discussing in the sections below. 

Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg is a popular choice for many Manitobans that you truly cannot go wrong with. The lake is 416 kilometres long, making the access options endless. If you are along the west shoreline you will find more towns and more points of entry than the east side, which is shorter and has fewer places to set up camp for the day.

West Hawk Lake

West Hawk Lake is known for being clear, deep and popular amongst scuba divers. This lake also features a beach which is great for anyone looking for a place to spend a beach day. Something remarkable about this lake is there are no rivers that drain to it, so it is made up entirely of rain water. If you’re searching for a place to spend the day in the sand, this beach won’t disappoint.

Clear Lake

If you’re looking for a clear lake to spend the day, Clear Lake lives up to its name. It’s a large and deep lake with incredibly clear waters. We would recommend taking advantage of the boat rentals that are offered so you can truly take in and enjoy this lake. They even offer boat cruises so you can experience the waters in a relaxing way with a nice meal on the Martese. 

Clearest Lakes in Manitoba

Although we’ve talked about some of the clearest lakes Manitoba has to offer, West Hawk and Clear Lake, there’s other lakes with crystal clear waters that you should consider when deciding where to spend your lake days this summer. 

Clearwater Lake

Another lake that lives up to its name – Clearwater Lake features deep, clear and cold waters that you can see down to 33 feet. If you’re looking for a place to fish in Manitoba, this is a popular spot to go where you’ll find a variety of fish species. If you want to feel like you’re truly on a getaway, this lake has the ability to transport you to a tropical paradise (and you might just forget you’re in Manitoba).

North Steeprock Lake

North Steeprock Lake is part of North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park and is just north of Swan River. This area is known as the Porcupine Hills and is a region known for its forest land and clear lakes. They even have a campground for those who want to stay the night. 

Lake Athapapuskow

Whether you’re looking for a swim or just a place to cast your line, Lake Athapapuskow is an exceptional spot with beautiful clear waters that draw you in. There are many entry points where you can access the lake, but if you’re looking for a beach day, we recommend staying at Bakers Narrows Lodge where they offer a beach entry with kayaks and paddleboards for even more entertainment.

Biggest Lakes in Manitoba – What is the largest lake in Manitoba?

Here are the top five largest lakes in Manitoba and their surface areas.

  1. Lake Winnipeg: 24,387 km2
  2. Lake Winnipegosis: 5,374 km2
  3. Lake Manitoba: 4,624 km2
  4. Southern Indian Lake: 2,247 km2,
  5. Cedar Lake: 1,353 km2

Manitoba lakes

Manitoba Lakes with Beaches

Who said beach days need to be spent on the ocean? Canadian Lakes are an awesome way to spend a beach day without going far from home and without needing to take a full on vacation. Manitoba has over 100,000 lakes, so you already know that there’s some awesome beaches for you to spend the day. Here are our top three beach picks in Manitoba. 

Grand Beach

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation for the day, Grand Beach can do that for you. The white sand beach next to the crystal clear waters will surely transport you to a tropical paradise. Enjoy your time swimming or even walk along the boardwalk, we know this will be nothing but a magical day in the sun for you.

Gimli Beach

Gimli Beach is sure to be one of the first you come across when searching for beaches to visit in Manitoba and there’s no wondering why. This beach is stunning and is a popular choice for families with children. Not only is the water beautiful, but they have a large boardwalk with dining and a playground on the beach (a.k.a. a huge attraction for the kiddies). 

Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

Spend the day swimming, picnicking, playing tenis and more at Winnipeg Beach. The sand and boardwalk are just the beginning of what you can look forward to when you visit this famous sand beach. And if you’re a windsurfer, this is a must visit for you. 

Manitoba Lakes Water Quality

Although most Manitoba Lakes are considered safe and good in terms of water quality, it’s always a good idea to check before visiting a lake or diving straight  into the water. It’s easy to do this by simply googling the lake you want to visit before planning your trip, as well as a couple days before and seeing how the water is rated. There are a couple different resources you can use to check this such as the Manitoba website or the government site.

Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Manitoba

If you’re looking for a spot to ice fish in Manitoba, there are quite a few options available. Although the regular fishing season in Manitoba starts in May, the cold winters in Manitoba allow for ice fishing to be done in the depths of winter. We’ve listed three lakes to choose from to go ice fishing and the types of fish you can expect to see at each one.

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake is home to walleye, perch, bass, and whitefish, though the main target species here in the winter is the northern pike. 

High Lake

High Lake features some big northerns and solid lake trout. You might also come see some cisco and lake trout. 

Camp Lake

Rainbow trout and splake are the popular species you’re sure to find at this lake but you may also come across a few monsters swimming under the ice because you’re so close to the Whiteshell Hatchery.

How deep is Lake Manitoba? 

Lake Manitoba has an area of 4,624 km2 and is about seven meters (23 feet) deep

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