Lifted Trucks for Sale in Manitoba: Financing Available

Lifted Trucks for Sale in Manitoba: Financing Available

March 20, 2020    Financing & Leasing

Manitoba terrain can be rough, especially during the icy winter months. Many people opt for a heavy-duty vehicle to brave our harsh winters. If you like rugged rides, you’re in luck—there are plenty of lifted trucks for sale in Manitoba that can get you through ice, snow and the other elements.

We’ll give you the rundown on lifted trucks, tire considerations, what’s for sale in Manitoba, our loan process and how we can get you driving a lifted truck today.


Lifted trucks for sale in Manitoba

There are many lifted trucks for sale in Manitoba—all you have to do is a bit of searching. The great thing is you can buy a new or used truck and lift it yourself with a lift kit. You can search Birchwood’s massive inventory for your favourite make and model.


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What is a lifted truck?

We bet you’ve spotted a lifted truck on the road before, even if you didn’t know it. We’ll give you a hint: they’re a lot taller. The key differentiator between lifted trucks versus pickups is the ride height.

Let’s go over the two types of lifts and their pros and cons.


Body lift

This type of lift gives your tires 1-3 inches more clearance and increases your truck’s ride height without affecting how it drives. It retains the factory suspension geometry and alignment while giving you a height boost. This is the more affordable lift option, though they’re time consuming to execute.

To complete a body lift, the body has to be lifted and bolted back into place which leaves the frame and gaps in the fender walls far more visible. If aesthetics is important to you, you should know your truck’s frame will be more exposed with this type of lift, though you can purchase special parts to fill in the gaps.


Suspension lift

A suspension lift can raise your truck far higher than a body lift, making room for larger tires underneath. If you love off-roading and exploring, this lift is likely the better option for your truck.

Suspension lifts do look cool but don’t forget—it’s going to be a bit harder to get into your truck. If you have a family, this may not be the best vehicle (and lift) for you. But if you’re set on it, keep a step stool handy! This lift is also pricier to maintain. You may need to replace parts often so make sure you budget for this type of customization. There’s also the chance that your truck won’t drive the same as it did before.

One way you could offset costs is purchasing a used truck and lift it yourself. It’ll save you money if you don’t buy new. For more information on buying new versus used, check out our blog post.


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What tires should I put on my lifted truck?

You have many tire options when it comes to your lifted truck. It mostly depends on the type of ride you want and what you’re going to be doing with your vehicle. As a rule, larger tires will make your ride more smooth but they aren’t your only option.

Let’s explore three tire types that can work on lifted trucks:


  • Light duty tires. These tires are similar to the ones you see on standard vehicles though they have a larger load capacity. These tires are designed to push away water when it rains and they usually take longer to wear down.
  • All terrain tires. All terrains are perfect if you want extra traction. They have a tougher tread pattern that makes it easy to trek through rough terrain like dirt and sand.
  • Mud terrain tires. These beefy tires make a statement. The treads are deep with gaps for mud to pass through, meaning if you’re travelling through some thick sludge, you’ll be able to get through. These tires are great for off-roading but they’re loud and wear much faster than light duty or all terrains.


If you’re driving a lifted truck, chances are you’re doing some off-roading and adventuring which typically means more wear and tear. No matter which tires you choose, they should be balanced frequently to avoid excessive tire and suspension wear. Have a look at the tire treads and be aware if your steering wheel or truck starts vibrating—these are telltale signs that your tires are in need of a balance.

This resource can help you find the right size tires for your lift.


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What are the benefits of lifted trucks?

Lifted trucks are the perfect vehicle for the weekend adventurer. If you’re someone who loves off-roading and going off the beaten path (literally), a lifted truck will make your travels easier. Being higher up off the ground will protect your truck from obstacles and your wheels will gain excellent traction so you can push through mud, sand, dirt and even water. If you like driving through the forest, dunes at the beach or have gear you want to tow, a lifted truck should make your ride easier.


At Birchwood Credit, our goal is to get you approved and driving a car, regardless of your credit history. We can help you get a truck loan even if you have bad credit—we even wrote about it here. You can calculate your estimated car loan payment and duration to see what you can afford and applying online is easy. Check out our Car Loan Application Form to get started today.

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