Reliable Trucks to Buy

Reliable Trucks to Buy

December 9, 2021    Driving

Are pickup trucks reliable? 

The debate over which truck brand is the best has gone on for decades. The dinner table arguments, the driveway comparisons – but who’s actually right? Well, it turns out that the debate shouldn’t be over which brand is the most powerful or has the flashiest features. The debate should be over which truck is the most reliable. 

First, it’s important to outline what “reliable” even means. A reliable truck is one that doesn’t need anything more than your standard brake checks and oil changes. However, you have to consider that even the most reliable vehicles eventually break down without proper maintenance. The bottom line is that no truck, no matter which brand, will stay reliable without proper care. 

That being said, let’s explore some truck brands and see if they would win the dinner table debate for being the most reliable. 

Toyota Pickup Reliability

Toyota is a brand that is known for its reliable cars. But what about their trucks? Turns out they come out on top, too. 

Toyota trucks are designed to last, whether you’re heading to the lake every weekend or driving down south to escape the cold winters. They can handle more wear and tear than other vehicles like cars or SUVs. The Toyota Tacoma 2020 was no different – it received a reliability rating of five out of five. 

Another Toyota vehicle that gets rave reviews is the Tundra. A truck well-known for its reliability, it also has the added bonus of a V8 engine and many more features than its competitors – like a large 38 gallon fuel tank! Spending less time trying to look for a gas station and more time trying to look for an adventure. The Tacoma should be on the top of your list if you want to keep your truck around for a long time and you like driving in style. 

Honda Pickup Truck Reliability  

Honda’s are a family favourite. They are known for holding their value and being reliable cars for decades after you purchase them. Despite being some of the world’s most reliable cars, Honda’s trucks come up short in the reliability department – especially the Honda Ridgeline.

The Honda Ridgeline is a very reliable truck. It boasts a spacious interior to stretch your legs during a long road-trip, and drives “like a car,” according to consumer reviews. This fuel-efficient truck is a great choice if you’re looking to save money at the pump, too. There might even be room in your summer budget for one more camping trip! 

Nissan Pickup Truck Reliability 

When you think of Nissan, you probably think of smooth-looking cars and gorgeous interiors. While this still holds true for their trucks, their reliability leaves a lot to be desired. 

The Nissan Frontier is about as average as it gets in terms of reliability. Not terrible, not great. One of the oldest trucks on the market, the Frontier has faced some backlash in past years for its outdated look and feel. This obviously depends on what year you’re looking at, however. Nissan’s 2021 Frontier has a totally new design that’ll leave friends and family in disbelief that it’s a Nissan! 

Ford Pickup Truck Reliability

Among Ford’s pickup truck models, the Ford F-150 and Ford F-250 really stand out. In recent years, Ford introduced features like hill assist to help you get over a particularly steep hill, and neutral tow-assist to help you if you’re not quite used to towing yet. Even though Ford makes trucks that help you and your family have a more comfortable ride, they aren’t always reliable.

Most of the F-150 models have a reliability score of three out of five, mostly because they’re expensive to repair and maintain. Who has the time and money to run to the mechanic every other month? 

Chevrolet Pickup Trucks 

Chevy trucks are a staple in many Manitoban driveways. For good reason! They are affordable and practical, but are they reliable? 

Consumer reports give Chevy trucks a three and a half out of five in terms of reliability. One of the reasons for that ranking was that two different years of the same model had transmission issues. Still, Chevy trucks are fairly affordable in terms of maintenance and base purchase price. Chevy Silverado 1500s cost, on average, $714 annually to maintain. Fullsized trucks have an average annual maintenance cost of $936 in comparison. It’s no surprise Chevy is a family favourite. 

Ready to buy your Pickup Truck in Winnipeg? 

Now that you know how these trucks rank in reliability, you can make not only an informed decision on which one you’d rather drive, but which one you’d rather defend during the next dinner table debate. 

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