Manitoba Hydro Rebates: Does Manitoba Hydro Still Pick Up Old Fridges?

Manitoba Hydro Rebates: Does Manitoba Hydro Still Pick Up Old Fridges?

May 28, 2021    Budgeting Advice

If you’re searching for ways to lower your electricity bill, you’ve come to the right place. We will be unpacking different ways you can save on your electricity bills from energy efficient products to rebates you may be eligible for.

Learn about all the different energy programs Manitoba has in place to improve its energy efficiency, including the Manitoba Hydro Rebates that are offered on select products.


Manitoba Efficiency Programs – becoming as energy efficient as possible

Electricity in Canada is the most expensive out of anywhere else in the world as we are the top energy consumers. Luckily, Manitoba has programs in place that can help you to use less energy and in return save you money! Read about these different incentives below.


Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program

The Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program is a great option for those families who are considered to be low income but want to find a way to improve their energy efficiency. The way it works is Manitoba Hydro does a free inspection of the appliances in your home and will let you know what upgrades you may be eligible for. 

To be eligible to participate in this program you must:

  • Live in a single or semi-detached home
  • Live there year-round
  • Have an income that falls within the limitation guidelines
  • Provide all documentation necessary for those 18 years of age and older who live in the home
  • You must have a Manitoba Hydro account
  • Mobile homes may be eligible if they have a permanent water supply

To apply, you will work with a registered program supplier to determine if you qualify. They will also help you complete your application.


Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Program

If you are a Manitoba resident, you have probably heard of the Power Smart Program. This program ran for 30 years but it is no longer available. Efficiency Manitoba has now taken over the management of any rebates and energy efficiency-related work. 


Manitoba Hydro Rebate Programs

Manitoba Hydro Insulation Rebate Program

The great thing about Manitoba’s affordable energy program is that there are different programs for different needs. The insulation rebate program is just one of those programs that many homes will be thankful for. 

If you have a home that was built before 1999, you may be eligible for this program as your home may not have enough insulation. Adding insulation to your home can be very beneficial to your home, its comfort and your energy costs. It will prevent temperature-controlled air from escaping which saves a lot of money long term. 

You may be wondering, where will this additional insulation go? Many homes need additional insulation in their attics or cathedral ceilings, wall cavities, exterior walls, foundation walls and basements.

The great part of getting this work done is that you will be qualifying for rebates of up to 100% of insulation materials. This means it’s possible to pay nothing for the materials needed to make your home a better place to live, while also saving money on your hydro bill long-term. 

Steps to participate:

  1. Check to see if you’re eligible.
  2. Apply through a registered retailer or contractor.
  3. Get approved.
  4. Purchase and install your insulation.
  5. Complete and submit final documents.
  6. Get a rebate.

Use the free online home insulation rebate calculator to see how much you may be eligible to receive.


Manitoba Hydro Thermostat Rebate

Replacing appliances is something that everyone has to do at some point, but when that time comes, you should consider installing energy-efficient appliances. If you need to replace your thermostat or just considering giving it an upgrade then you should consider replacing it with a Smart Thermostat so that you may qualify for the $50 rebate. The thermostat needs to be one of the select ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostats, but then you will receive $50 back for purchasing it. 


Manitoba Hydro Solar Rebate

The solar rebate program is one that Efficiency Manitoba has been trying to implement since 2018. It has now been decided that it will not be launched until 2022.

That doesn’t mean you should write off the idea of installing and investing in solar energy, but it might be a good idea to hold off until there is a clear indication of if you will also be eligible for rebates in a year. 

Regardless of if you decide to wait or not, investing in solar panels now will save you money long term. Many estimations have been made by professionals that tell you how long the payback period will take and it is estimated that it is between 19 to 25 years.

Even with solar energy, you should expect to still use energy from Manitoba Hydro if you wish to have consistent and reliable electricity. There is no guarantee that the solar panels will consistently produce enough electricity for all your needs. 


Energy Star Rebates

If you decide to purchase new appliances that are approved by Energy Star, you may qualify for a rebate. There are so many different home appliances that Energy Star has its name tied to. The best thing about these products is that they also will save you money in the long run. These appliances are predicted to save you anywhere from 10% to 15% on electricity, as opposed to the ones which are not as energy efficient.


Manitoba Hydro Grants and Loans

Manitoba has a few different loan programs so that people can affordably and comfortably pay for any energy-efficient upgrades that they may need. Unfortunately, there are not currently any grants in place. Your best option if you are hoping to not have to pay for the energy-efficient upgrades out of pocket, is to receive a rebate, which we discussed in the sections above. 


person checking their Manitoba hydro rebates


Customer Contribution Time Payment Plan

The Customer Contribution Time Payment Plan is a great option if you are looking to install permanent extensions to your existing home or farm. You may be eligible for up to $10,000 over a 10-year installment plan. If you decide to sell your home before you finish paying this plan, you will be expected to pay it in full upon the sale of your home.


Energy Finance Plan

If you are looking to make upgrades to your home’s heating and cooling or improving the general condition of its electrical system, the Energy Finance Plan is the right plan for you. You can borrow up to $5,000 on a five-year term.


Home Energy Efficiency Loan

The Home Energy Efficiency Loan provides you with a loan that you pay back monthly, included in your energy bill. The great thing about this plan is that it doesn’t feel like an extra expense because you’re just including it into a monthly payment that you would typically pay anyway. 


Manitoba Hydro Fridge Pick Up

If you decide to get a new energy-efficient appliance, such as a refrigerator, there’s a bonus for you, aside from the already lowered electricity bill. The Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program allows you to recycle your old fridge as long as it is in working order. This program rewards people who can recycle their refrigerator by picking it up for free and giving them $50 per recycled unit. 

Your requirements of this program are:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Own the appliances
  • Be a Manitoba Hydro customer

Your refrigerator must have the following to qualify:

  • Working condition, can cool 
  • At your primary Manitoba Hydro address
  • 15 years or older
  • At least 10 cubic feet

If you are interested in this program and would like to schedule a pickup or confirm your eligibility, you can call 1-855-5FRIDGE (1-855-537-4343).


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