Fishing Season in Manitoba

Fishing Season in Manitoba

September 2, 2021    Driving

Whether you grew up doing it with your family, or it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, fishing season is finally upon us in Manitoba. Anyone who has gone fishing can attest that there’s nothing like waking up early and driving to th e lake to spend the day on the water. Spending time with friends and family while relaxing with your fishing rod in hand, just waiting for that bite. 

If you were wondering when does fishing season starts in Manitoba, how to get a license, how old you have to be or anything else you might be wondering to prepare yourself for fishing season, we’ve covered it all and you can find all you need to know below. 

When does fishing season start in Manitoba?

The fishing season starts on May 15, 2021, for recreational fishers in southern Manitoba. If you’re located in the north or central regions of the province, you have to wait a week as your fishing season starts on May 22, 2021. 

This is when you will be able to begin purchasing a fishing license through the province’s online portal. You can do this all from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve obtained your fishing license, you’re good to go! 

Unless you’re lucky enough to live on a lake, it’s time to prepare for your fishing trip. Loading up your car with all the supplies you need the night before and setting your alarm to go off before the sun has even risen is typically part of the preparation routine. If you need a car to get you there, then we might even be able to help!

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Manitoba Elicense

Manitoba elicense is the online portal through which you can purchase your fishing license along with a variety of other licenses or permits you might be interested in. The licenses they have available for purchase are:

  • Fishing License
  • Hunting License
  • Manitoba Park Permits
  • Publications
  • Manitoba Multilevel Draw
  • Trapping Licenses
  • Forestry License
  • Special License/Permit Applications

If you’re interested in purchasing both an angling and hunting license you will have to complete two separate transactions in order to acquire both. To do this, complete your first license purchase, log out of your account and then sign back in to purchase the next license you desire.  

Manitoba Fishing License 

If you’re wondering when fishing licenses will be available to apply for and purchase for the 2021-22 fishing season in Manitoba, you can apply at any time. Manitoba elicensing is an online service that is used for the sale of various licenses such as fishing, hunting, park permits, trapping licenses and more. 

To use this system you have to create a profile, purchase and pay for the permits or licenses you desire online. If you want both an Angling and Hunting license for the same session, you will need to complete two separate transactions. 

What is the Manitoba Fishing License age?

Wondering what age you need to be eligible for a fishing license? You must be 16 years of age or older to obtain a fishing license. However, youth who are under the age of 16 are allowed to fish if they are accompanied by a license holder. 

Can you buy a Manitoba fishing license online?

Yes, purchasing a fishing license online is the preferred method of obtaining a fishing license in Manitoba. You apply via Manitoba elicensing which is an online service that provides the sale of various licenses including fishing licenses. To use the Manitoba elicensing system, create a profile, select and purchase your preferred license(s) and then you will be good to go. 

Fishing Season in Manitoba

Where to buy a fishing license Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, you can apply for a fishing license online via the Manitoba elicensing portal which is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase your license. You may choose to purchase your fishing license at a participating retailer or over the phone by calling the Help Desk at 1-877-880-1203. 

Manitoba Conservation Fishing License

Anyone who holds a Conservation Fishing License is entitled to the same rights as a Regular License holder except for a few reduced limits for certain species:

  • 4 walleye/sauger
  • 4 pike
  • 1 lake trout
  • 1 channel catfish 
  • 2 smallmouth bass 
  • 2 stocked trout

Limits for the other fish species remain the same.

Manitoba Hunting License

If you wish to apply for a Manitoba Hunting License, you apply through the same portal that you purchase your fishing license through, Manitoba elicensing. This online portal allows you to purchase a variety of licenses including hunting and fishing licenses. 

If you are planning on purchasing both a hunting license and an angling license, it is possible to do so, however, they must be bought through separate transactions. The best way to do this is by purchasing one license first, completing the order, logging out and then logging back in to complete a new, separate order for the remaining license.

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