Finding a Reliable Dealer for a Bad Credit Car Loan

Finding a Reliable Dealer for a Bad Credit Car Loan

June 29, 2018    Bad Credit Loans

Finding a car loan is easier when you’ve done your research and know your options. If you’ve been denied financing in the past, it might be tempting to jump at the first too-good-to-be-true offer.

When you’re looking to get a car loan there are four options in Manitoba:

  • Auto dealerships (dealership financing groups)
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Finance companies

But if your credit is less-than-perfect, where is the best place for you to get a loan with a fair interest rate? When you’re in the market for car loan with bad credit, it’s especially important that you work with a reputable lender.
When you’re looking to find the right, reliable dealership, what should you look for?

Customer Reviews

Nearly 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Buying a car is a big, exciting and important purchase, which is why checking out customer reviews is critical. You’ll get a good sense of how trustworthy a dealership is if they openly post customer reviews on their website and social media. Google and Better Business Bureau are also great sources to check out other people’s experiences with a specific dealership.

At Birchwood Credit Solutions, we display customer feedback as we receive it. Customers have rated Birchwood Credit 4.8 out of 5 stars. But don’t take it from us, see what our customers have said about their Birchwood experience.

“Birchwood helped me out when no one else would.” –Mark Z.



Brand reputations are built over time. You can gain a lot of information from a dealership’s size, number of locations and reputation. Ensure the dealership you’re shopping for a car at is established and is able to provide you with reliable car options.
Birchwood Credit is part of the Birchwood Automotive Group, Manitoba’s largest auto group, and we’re proud to help thousands of Manitobans find reliable vehicles every month.


Companies who are involved and make a positive impact on their community, distinguish themselves from others. Focusing on helping people both in the community and at the dealership shows that a company cares.
Birchwood Credit Solutions is proud to support, be involved with and give back to the community. Since 2005, Birchwood has donated $1,000,000 to the annual United Way of Winnipeg campaign. Read more about our community involvement.
These three factors should help guide you when you’re ready to start shopping for your next vehicle. Getting approved for a car loan at a dealership shouldn’t be difficult. To make sure you’re making an informed decision, it’s important to read customer reviews, look at the dealership’s reputation and check out their community investment.

At Birchwood Credit, we can help you explore your options for getting into the driver’s seat of a Birchwood vehicle. We offer in-house financing, which means we offer loans on Birchwood vehicles with our own money. We won’t shop out your car loan application to lenders. Our goal is to get Manitobans into reliable vehicles, which is why Birchwood accepts applications from people with all different levels of credit and little-to-no credit history. Get started today!

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